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Who is Davidzon Javier?

  It was August 18, 1963, 6:30 that morning, in the middle of the Zulu Sea on board a ship ... Davidzon was born.Davidzon Javier

  Being born on water, I am naturally a wonderer. Ever since then, I could not stay put, did not realized it until later, God has a plan for everything and everyone. Motivated by my wife, is the reason for this website.

  Along this journey you discover things, capabilities, and abilities, that you never knew you had. A god given talent that would benifit others in need.

  Each and everyone has their own views, wants, and ideas of how things should and supposed to work. Ever since then, as far as I can remember, I've always had my own way of life style, God loving free spirited, optimistic, friendly, and creative. I don't like violence, waste, greed, and especially people who takes advantage, and make fun of others.

  Getting rich is not my goal in life but to find out why God blessed me with all that I have, and his intentions for my life. One of my many goals is to be able to help a child or two, an individual along their journey in life, through this world. Influence and help them to better their lives, hope and pray that they would do the same to others in need.


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