Lighting Definitions
   A light fixture or luminaire is more than just an electrical device used to create artificial light or illumination for your home. Here are the facts and answers to your frequently asked questions about lighting.

Light Fixtures
Alabaster Wall Sconce
   Lighting can affect dramatically the look and feel of your home, it sets the tone and adds the drama. Light fixtures come in many styles, some purely decorative, others totally functional, but most are a mixture of form and function.
Lamps and Shades
Lamp Shade
    If you have a need for more light, or want to add to the overall light in a room with style! think about a new lamp or shade.

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Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fan
    Nostalgic elegance, personal comfort, and power savings all come together to make the ceiling fan as popular as it is.

Light Bulbs
Philips LED
    A light bulb is no longer just a light bulb, it's a decorative object, a high tech energy efficient product, and a mood enhancing item. Fluorescent tubes have always been considered an energy efficient product, but now with new styles, better color rendering, and even more energy efficiency, they're finding their way into more rooms of your home.

Lighting Jokes

Lighting Sources
Accent Lighting
    Most rooms are best lit with a combination of different kinds of light sources for different moods or tasks performed in the room.
How to Light a Room
How to Light a Room
    Lighting is a very cost effective way to redecorate and enhance the beauty of your home, and do it with style because light fixtures are more than a collection of miscellaneous electrical hardware and glassware.

Cleaning Tips
    Like death and taxes, the need to clean things will always be there. Here is a few cleaning tips to make the job easier, or to prevent ruining a treasured heirloom.

Electrical Definitions

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
    The need to be more energy efficient has hit us all, maybe for different reasons, protect the environment with fewer hydro dams, state wide energy shortages, or just to save a few bucks, but remember the thing that uses the most power saves the most dollars.

Wiring Facts

Wiring Devices
Wiring Devices
    Wiring devices & wiring tips - switches, sockets, dimmers, receptacles, GFCIs, etc.

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