Wiring Facts
   Facts about Residential Home Wiring, Wiring Devices, and Wiring Diagrams of Three Way Switches, with all the Tips and Tricks you need to get your Electrical Project done.

Wiring Devices
   Wire, and Wiring Devices, these are the switches, dimmers, receptacles, GFCIs, that you connect with wires to circuit breakers.

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   Number one tip, please make note of where every wire is connected before you remove the device that needs replacing, so you can rewire it correctly, if it was originally working fine, the new unit should connect to the same wires.


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Electrical Definitions

Wiring Diagrams

   With all electrical wiring please connect all ground wires to the back of all electrical boxes, as well as to any bare copper wire, green wire, or green screw. Any white wires connected to a switch should be tagged as a hot wire with colored electrical tape.


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